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By 2050, 45% Of Electricity Will Likely Come from Solar Energy

What does the future of solar energy look like in the United States? Let’s see the latest projections by the Department of Energy:

  • As of September 2021, solar energy provided 3% of US electricity.

  • By 2035, it is expected to increase to 40%. By 2050, 45% of electricity will likely come from 1600 gigawatts alternating current (GWac) of solar energy production.

  • The US installed around 15 GWac of solar in 2020.

  • To meet the goal of 95% grid decarbonization by 2035, the US would need to install 30 GWac each year until 2025, then 60 GWac annually from 2025 to 2030.

  • Based on these growth goals, 500,000 to 1.5 million people in the US could be employed in solar energy jobs by 2035.

  • By 2050, solar energy could provide 30% of buildings’ energy needs, 14% of transportation, and 8% of industrial energy needs through electrification in these sectors.

Source: US Department of Energy

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