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Global Green Jobs for Youth Outlook

The COVID-19 pandemic hit global economies hard. Still, the global market for green jobs looks promising, especially for young people.

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  • Over 200 million students are currently enrolled in higher education worldwide.

  • About 71 million unemployed youth are looking for a job today.

  • The transition to a green economy will add about 60 million new jobs worldwide to the market by 2030.

  • Green jobs have been defined as jobs that contribute to, preserve, or restore the environment, regardless of sector.

  • The renewable energy sector employed 11.5 million people in 2019.

  • With increased investment, jobs in renewables could reach 42 million by 2050.

  • That does not include another 21.3 million jobs in energy efficiency and 14.5 million jobs related to power grids.

  • Women currently represent only 32% of the renewable energy workforce, with 45% in administrative roles, 35% in non-STEM technical roles, and only 28% in STEM positions.


Source: UN Environment Programme

Information in this article was derived from the United Nations Environment Programme’s Global Guidance for Education on Green Jobs 2021:


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