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UNESCO “World in 2030” Report Shows Climate Change is Top Global Concern


On March 31, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) released the results of its “The World in 2030” Survey conducted in 2020. The report revealed what over 15,000 global participants considered to be the most urgent problems of the decade and what were the needed solutions. With 57% of respondents under the age of 35 and 35% under 25, the survey’s results particularly showcase the viewpoints of the world’s youth.

UNESCO plans to use the insight from this report to guide their own policies in coming years.

A majority 67% of participants chose climate change and loss of biodiversity as the top challenges facing the world. They further expressed concern for increasing natural disasters and extreme weather, risk of conflict or violence, and impacts on oceans. Notably, participants revealed that they were losing hope to be able to solve these and other challenges.

For 7 of the 11 challenges named in the study, education in various forms was identified as the top solution. For 3 more issues, education placed second. Teaching peace, non-violence, cultural tolerance, human rights, media literacy, science, and technology were viewed as critical.

An overwhelming 95% of respondents felt that international cooperation was essential to overcome global problems. However, only 25% actually believed the world would be able to come together effectively. The survey revealed a “crisis in faith” in the effectiveness of multilateralism.

Source: UNESCO report


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