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Conference Introduces Applications of New 3D Wave Theory that Claim to Overcome COVID-19

On September 16, 2021, an academic conference was convened in Seoul, Korea, under the title, “The Possibility of New Paradigm Science to Overcome COVID-19.” Hosted by the Hyo Jeong International Foundation for the Unity of the Sciences – Korea (HJIFUS) and chaired by Dr. Jin Choon Kim, Professor Emeritus of SunHak Universal Peace Graduate University, the conference brought together about twenty scholars and scientists to consider and discuss a presentation by the conference’s main speaker, Dr. Won H. Kim, Professor of Biochemistry at Yonsei University’s Wonju College of Medicine. Dr. Kim’s presentation, titled “Pandigm (Pan-paradigm) Science and COVID-19,” was followed by commentaries from distinguished scholars and a roundtable discussion with all participants.

Conference participants listening to main presentation by Dr. Won H. Kim. ©HJIFUS
Conference participants listening to main presentation by Dr. Won H. Kim. ©HJIFUS

Kim’s presentation opened with a challenge to conventional scientific exploration. “The purpose of science is to pursue truth,” Kim stated. He suggested, however, that today’s scientific quest for truth is largely confined within the framework of a materialist paradigm. Kim’s research explores what he coins “Pandigm” (Pan-Paradigm) science, or science that goes beyond materialism. There are many phenomena, he declared, that cannot be explained by a materialist paradigm.

Kim proposed that a new scientific paradigm is needed to explain, for instance, the phenomenon of “water memory”—the concept that a substance can be dissolved and diluted by physical stimulation into water, which then acquires properties of the original substance. The practice of homeopathy, which utilizes water memory (through dilution of a substance until none of its molecules remain), has a long history of practitioners but cannot be explained by the current materialist scientific paradigm.

According to Kim’s hypothesis, matter consists of a physical aspect and an “imaginary” aspect. Further, all substances emit three-dimensional (3D) waves: a 3D field in physical space which comes from a non-physical superluminal (faster than the speed of light) wave, or information, in “imaginary space.” The 3D wave of the substance can be separated from the original substance by physical stimulation, such as violent shaking or strong pounding in the case of homeopathy, or by electrical stimulation via Schumann waves (the resonant frequency of the Earth). Separated 3D waves, which can be expressed as water memory, still function like the original substance even after separation.

According to physicist Paul Dirac, space is full of particles with negative energy and negative mass, which Kim identifies as imaginary space. The imaginary aspect of matter, or 3D wave, that Kim discusses is similar to the concept of Chi found in Asian traditions, which posits that every piece of matter has its own intangible Chi. Kim's theory suggests that interactions between different 3D waves form the basis of every biological reaction.

Kim asserts that water memory can also be digitized. The late Dr. Jacques Benveniste claimed that passing white noise through water was one method for digitization. Kim digitized water memory using visual imaging. A visual image is captured by a light sensor as laser light is passed through water containing the 3D waves of a substance. The captured image can be copied and changed into a visual shape in a graphic program.

Kim conducted experiments which indicated that digitized 3D waves can be stored in a computer and expressed in a variety of tangible ways. Such digitized 3D waves also function like the original substance. Kim claims that 2D images of digitized 3D waves expressed on a flat surface—such as on a card, in clothes, or even in wallpaper—form a 3D field around the object. These fields, in theory, can produce healing environments with specific properties, depending on the wave being expressed.

Kim has already developed what he calls a “UN” card ("yu" from the Korean word "to heal" and "en" from “energy”). A specific healing environment can be provided by harnessing different 3D waves. For example, a UN card that expresses P53, a tumor suppressor protein, functions as a tumor suppressor.

UL plug designed by Dr. Won H. Kim ©Won H. Kim
UL plug designed by Dr. Won H. Kim. ©Won H. Kim

Kim goes on to explain that a digitized 3D wave can also be modulated to electricity using an electrical plug called a UL (“healing electricity”) plug. By plugging the UL plug into an electrical outlet, one can, in theory, eliminate the effects of harmful radiation from the Earth and “purify” electricity by making it free of harmful electromagnetic waves. Kim further states that specific digital 3D waves of “medically effective substances” can also be put into the UL so that the space where electricity flows can protect people against specific diseases.

Kim claims the coronavirus that causes COVID-19 can be suppressed by a specific anti-COVID-19 UN card and an anti-COVID-19 UL plug. They contain specific digital frequencies which are calculated from the amino acid sequence of the proteins of the coronavirus. They also contain digital 3D waves of known remedies for COVID-19 such as remdesivir as well as 3D waves for ivermectin, niclosamide, hydroxychloroquine, and nafamostat. The mechanism of the remedy for COVID-19 is to prevent viral invasion of the cell and replication. Thus, a digital 3D wave of the remedy should, according to Kim, be effective both for preventive and therapeutic purposes. So far, Kim has distributed almost a million anti-COVID UN cards in Korea and is observing the results.

Kim’s presentation was followed by a rigorous discussion among the participants. One commentator, Dr. Gun Woong Bahng, Leading Professor of State University of New York – Korea, said that Kim’s viewpoint, with further testing and experimentation, could lead to a new understanding of the fundamental nature of matter. “Existing science based on a materialistic worldview does not have a deep understanding of the information (internal nature) of matter.” Concerning COVID-19, Dr. Wangjae Lee, Professor Emeritus at the Medical College of Seoul National University, pointed out that the function of innate immunity in a person's upper airways could be enhanced by taking high-potency doses of Vitamin C.

Dr. Douglas Joo, chairman of HJIFUS, closed the meeting by describing the purpose of the conference and HJIFUS’s vision for future environmental efforts. “Solving today’s myriad of environmental problems requires harnessing the best research and technology of conventional scientific fields and opening the door to the possibility of solutions from new paradigm sciences.”

He continued, “In addition to scientific solutions, a global cultural shift towards genuine concern for nature is also critical for overcoming the environmental crisis. If we as the human race can improve our relationship with the natural world through character education, ending the misuse and overuse of natural resources caused by selfishness and greed, and, ultimately, work in alignment with the principles of interdependence, mutual prosperity, and universally shared values to preserve the natural environment, we can build a truly sustainable future for the benefit of the entire planet."


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