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COVID-19 Increased Gardening in the US—Will the Trend Last?

COVID-19 stay-at-home measures inspired an uptick in home gardening in the US, according to an article in the consumer advocate publication Consumer Affairs. Researchers at the University of Georgia surveyed more than 4,200 households about their gardening activities prior to, during, and after the COVID-19 pandemic. The UG researchers found a new interest in gardening but warned the gardening industry that the trend may not last.

Gardening in the US
  1. Almost 35% of the survey respondents reported taking up gardening because they were spending more time at home.

  2. Over 40% of respondents reported an increase in their usual gardening habits.

  3. This included an increase in garden-related purchases. 

  4. Some 62% of respondents said they intended to return to pre-pandemic purchasing levels.

  5. The remaining 38% intended to maintain their post-pandemic purchasing levels.

  6. Millennials and those born in 1985 or after were more likely to have started gardening during the pandemic.

  7. Millennials and younger respondents were also more likely to discontinue gardening once things returned to normal.


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