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How Hot Was June? Depends on Who You Ask

According to NASA, June 2022 was tied with 2020 as the hottest global June since record-keeping began in 1880. Was it really? Depends on who you ask, says Yale Climate Connections (YCC).

Was June 2022 Really the Hottest?

How Hot Was June? Hot sun and face image
  1. NASA reported in July that June 2022 was 1.18℃ above the “pre-industrial” temperatures of 1880-1920.

  2. NOAA disagreed, ranking June 2022 as the sixth warmest June on record.

  3. The EU’s Copernicus Climate Change Service (CCCS) declared June 2022 as the third-warmest June on record.

  4. The Japan Meteorological Agency agreed with the CCCS’s ranking. 

  5. The differences between the various agency rankings weren’t very big, says YCC. They were “separated by only 0.08 degree Celsius (0.14°F) in the NOAA database,” says YCC contributor, Jeff Masters.

  6. What accounts for the differences? It depends on how the agencies “treat data-sparse regions such as the Arctic,” says Masters. 


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