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India’s Massive Environmental Technologies Sector

The Indian government’s trade ministry has identified environmental technology as the “best prospect industry sector” for the country going forward. Serious environmental problems—India is the largest emitter of sulfur oxides in the world—and recently adopted policies are fueling growth in this sector. (India launched its third edition of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) India Index and Dashboard in June 2021)

India’s Massive Environmental Technologies Sector
  • India’s overall environmental technologies market, including goods and services, is estimated to be worth over $23 billion.

  • India’s environmental tech market is the sixth largest world market, with subsector world rankings at ninth for air pollution control and second for wastewater/water management. (About 40% of industrial water and 63% of municipal wastewater is discharged, untreated, into nearby rivers, lakes and streams.)

  • Total imports of environmental technology equipment were $931 million in 2020, with $106 million of that coming from the US.

  • India’s demand for water is projected to double available supply by 2030. (The coastal states of Tamil Nadu and Gujarat are front runners in establishing desalinization technology for drinking water.)

  • The Indian government’s water ministry established a national initiative to provide piped drinking water to 146 million households across 700,000 villages by 2024, earmarking $51 billion to increase household water connection coverage from 18.3% in 2019 to 100% by 2024.


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