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Indoor Air Pollution: Can You Breathe Freely?

In these COVID times, great attention is being paid to our lungs—and how to keep them healthy. Since we spend much of our time indoors, maybe we should take a look at what we’re breathing in at home. Some of these substances are likely to be on the list:

Indoor Air Pollution: Can You Breathe Freely?   ©The Earth & I
  1. Tobacco/cigarette smoke

  2. Mold/Mildew/Odor

  3. Radon

  4. CO2 & Particulate Matter from unvented cooking/heating

  5. Dust/Dust mites

  6. Pet and human dander/hair

  7. VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) from cleaning products, insecticides, a/c

  8. Pathogens from toilet water

  9. Lead and formaldehyde from paint, varnish

  10. Pollution coming from outdoors

Disease percentages tied to unsafe indoor air quality:

  1. 8% of lung cancer

  2. 27% of acute lower respiratory disease

  3. 20% of COPD

  4. 27% of Ischemic Heart Disease


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