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Red Clover: The Healing Power of Herbs

Red clover is a distinctive perennial herb common in Europe and Asia and now naturalized in the Americas. It goes by different names, such as pal-gan keullobeo in Korea, trefle des pres in France, and trifolium pratense in the scientific community. By any name, it is trusted to benefit human, animal, and soil health. Here is how the world sees it.

How the world sees red clover

Red clover icon image
  1. In Iraq, red clover is used as an expectorant and to treat asthma and bronchitis.

  2. In the US, it’s grown for soil health and used to treat cancer, the skin, and sores.

  3. It’s also used to fight cancer in the UK, Spain, Australia and elsewhere.

  4. In Spain, it is used for catarrh (mucous backup in the throat).

  5. Need a good sedative? People in Eurasia and the US use red clover for that purpose.

  6. In the Western Hemisphere, Amerindians use red clover for eye health and for burns.

  7. Europeans like to use it for dyspepsia and other digestive complaints.

  8. The people of Turkey use red clover—they call it kirmizi yonca—as a tonic or an alternative (an herb used to gradually restore bodily functions) for spasms, scrofula (glandular swelling) and as a sedative.

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