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Refugee Camps and Clean Water

Refugees not only suffer trauma as they flee from war and disasters, but once they reach safety in a refugee camp, they face the need for a daily water supply. Here is how the UN catalogs those needs. Four liters is equal to a little more than one gallon (1.06 gal).

Refugee Camps and Clean Water
  1. A refugee camp should have one water tap for every 80 to 100 individuals.

  2. Otherwise, there should be one communal well or hand pump per every 200 refugees.

  3. Each camp household of five needs the following five water containers: one 20-liter, two 10-liters, and two five-liters.

  4. Camp schools need to stock three liters of water per student.

  5. Camp feeding centers should stock 20 to 30 liters per person.

  6. Camp outpatient health centers need to stock five liters per visitor.

  7. In-patient centers need at least 40 to 60 liters per patient.

  8. Wells should be located more than 30 meters (32 yards) from latrines and other possible contaminant sources.

  9. A minimum of one water source quality test should be administered per 5,000 beneficiaries per month.


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