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The US Averages Eighteen ‘Billion Dollar’ Natural Disasters Per Year

Forbes Advisor recently reported disaster-related data for the US in 2022. These include hurricanes and tropical storms, tornados, severe storms, hail, flooding, extreme heat and drought, extreme cold, and wildfires.

Natural Disasters
  1. A total of eighteen weather disasters, which killed 474 people, cost the US ​​$175.2 billion in damage last year.

  2. In the past ten years, the US had 166 billion-dollar weather disasters, costing $1.28 trillion in damage and resulting in 5,871 deaths.

  3. Over the past five years, the US has averaged eighteen billion-dollar natural disasters a year.

  4. For the past ten years, tropical cyclones ranked first in total disaster-related costs at $744.3 billion. “Severe” storms ($218 billion) and droughts ($112.9 billion) ranked second and third;

  5. From January 2013 through January 2023, 95% of the 200 most populated US counties declared a natural disaster.

  6. In 2021, 95% of catastrophic losses resulted from weather-related water impacts, hail, or wind.

  7. About 90% of US natural disasters involve flooding.

  8. By February 2023, approximately 3,500 wildfires had burned 28,700 acres for the year.

  9. Last year (2022) the US had 68,988 wildfires, burning a total of 7.57 million acres (2.83 hectares). Over 40% of those acres were in Alaska.


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