• David Blekhman

“Net Zero” Strategy: Tapping Hydrogen for Sustainable Electric Power and Transportation

The following is an edited talk given by David Blekhman, PhD, Professor for Sustainable Energy and Transportation, who holds the Fulbright Distinguished Chair in Alternative Energy at California State University Los Angeles, California, USA, at the 28th International Conference for the Unity of the Sciences, in April 2022.

A combination of climate change concerns and attempts to restart the economy after COVID-19 have led to exciting developments around hydrogen and fuel cell technologies. The hydrogen economy is far more universal than the economy based on lithium batteries because few countries and companies have access to mining and processing of lithium into battery electrode materials.

Many countries and industries can economically benefit from working in the hydrogen space, which is growing from individual deployments to bigger concepts like hydrogen hubs or valleys. For example, Cal State’s Los Angeles hub includes such sustainable technologies as solar photovoltaics (PV) installation, robust electric vehicle (EV) charging, a fleet of fuel cell vehicles, and a Hydrogen Research and Fueling Facility. In similar combinations, the concept will continue to repeat in various forms and sizes tapping hydrogen for electric power and transportation.

Fuel Cells Are Electrochemical Generators