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Asking the Experts: Insights from Cutting-edge Environmental Science Conferences

Surprise Glacier  ©USGS/Don Becker
Surprise Glacier ©USGS/Don Becker

Eminent scientists gathered at The Third International Conference on Science and God (ICSG 3) and The Twenty-Eighth International Conference on the Unity of the Sciences (ICUS 28) (convened online, back-to-back, from April 10-13, 2022) to present and discuss solutions to the most pressing environmental issues from the perspectives of post-materialist “New Paradigm” science and empirical science, respectively. The scientists presented the culmination of their works in research and industry, while engaging in interdisciplinary dialogue to reach a deeper and broader understanding regarding potential solutions to environmental issues.

For your insight and inspiration, The Earth & I offers four articles based on these scientists’ exceptional work.

The complete text of these scientists’ presentations will be published in the conferences’ proceedings in the future.


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