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World Seafood Consumption at Record Level

The World Economic Forum (WEF) has found that global seafood consumption (per capita) has more than doubled since the 1960s and reached a new record high.

World Seafood Consumption at Record Level
  1. Average global consumption of seafood set a record in 2019 at 20.5 kg (45.19 lbs) per capita.

  2. This per capita seafood consumption measure has been trending higher since the 1960s, when it was 9.9 kg (21.83 lbs).

  3. Iceland has the highest national seafood consumption per capita at 91.19 kg (201.04 lbs).

  4. The second-highest seafood-loving nation is the Maldives, with consumption at 84.58 kg (186.47 lbs).

  5. Portugal and South Korea come in third and fourth, respectively, at around 57 kg (125.7 lbs) per person.

  6. Conversely, Afghanis only consume 0.24 kg (0.53 lbs) of seafood per person per annum, far below any other nation on the list.

  7. Also at the bottom of the fish-eating list were Germany, Brazil, and India.



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